what you know about a successful business

what you know about a successful business



There are many ways to gauge the success of a business. Unfortunately many of them are based purely on monetary measures. I encounter a lot of business operators who are extremely hard on themselves. Because their business may be going through a tough time they blame themselves and I would like to take this opportunity to have my say on what makes a business successful.

     the fact that a person is prepared to move out of the comfort zone to take a risk and put their own neck on the financial chopping block makes them a success. Having a weekly pay packet would be the greatest feeling for most business operators who tend to struggle from day to day. I remember when I started my first business. I was 18 years old and I had times when I didn’t have enough money to put petrol in the car to get home so I slept in the shop sometimes for a week at a time. I am not trying to be a martyr but I am showing the degree of dedication that many business operators have.

 I am constantly impressed by the quality of service and the products produced by small business. I am certain that some people must think that small, one person companies couldn’t possibly make any products or offer any services of world-class quality. I disagree completely and I see evidence of this fact every day. There are some incred­ibly talented and dedicated people out there who are striving for excellence in ways that the world’s largest corporations could never imagine.

Finally, the degree of perseverance that I see from many small business operators constantly amazes me. I have had people come to me who have lost everything at the age of 60 and they want some marketing advice on their next venture. They smile, they are positive and they are wise.

Small business operators are often embarrassed to say that they are having financial difficulties. I try to explain that there wouldn’t be a business in the world that hasn’t experienced cash flow problems at some time or another so don’t beat yourself up because you are having a tough time.

There are many other ways to measure success apart from purely monetary results. Success is achieved by having great products, offering exceptional service, having a strong rapport with your staff and knowing within yourself that you have done a good job.


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