Does Your business Have A Memorable Name

Does your business have a memorable name 












Having a good business name is a very important factor in standing out from the crowd. I get very frustrated once I see businesses with names that basically don’t seem to form sense to me. Sometimes i feel people attempt to be too clever when it involves naming a business.
If you’ve got 1,000,000 dollars to market your business name you’ll saturate television and newspapers to teach the overall public. If you’ve got a limited marketing budget your name becomes another marketing tool, not a market­ing liability. By all means choose a reputation that’s different and funny but attempt to tell people what you are doing .
Everyone will want to offer you their opinion when it involves choosing a reputation . How does one decide what’s right and what’s wrong? There is probably no right or wrong but there are a couple of points which will increase the effectiveness of your name. Try some of these:
Try to include what your business does in your name.
You can include your name to offer the business a more personal feel.
Include your location if you propose to specialise in one area.
If you specialize try to put that in your name as well.
Our business name wont to be ‘Australian Business and Marketing Solutions’. People had fallen asleep by the time they were half way through it. We became referred to as ‘Solu­tions Marketing’ which suited us because it said what we neutralize a reasonably simple way. As our business grew and that we began to require on more corporate and government work we changed our name to ‘The Marketing Professionals’ to reflect a replacement image and A level of professionalism that we were meaning to .
The point to the present is that business names can change and it isn’t the top of the planet . While i’m not an advocate for changing your name once every week , I do believe that if you’ve got a poor business name that’s confusing you ought to change it. Business names evolve and what you were called five years ago may not be relevant for what you are doing today.
I often laugh once I remember seeing a bakery within the middle of America that was called something like Randy’s Auto Repairs. I found it intriguing so I had to travel inside and ask why. Randy told me that he was a lousy mechanic but an excellent pie maker. Over the years people stopped coming to him for mechanical work and began coming for his peach pies (which were simply sensational i’d add) so he decided to do what he did best.
Finally, Decide what sort of message you’d wish to give your customers then choose a reputation to suit that image. Don’t be scared of changing your business name if the main target of the work you offer or the products that you simply produce have changed.










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