How do you want to find new customers In 2021

How do you want to find new customers with foxi Algo


How do you want to find new customers with foxi Algo
How do you want to find new customers with foxi Algo


To find new customers with foxi costs a lot more to find new customers than it does to keep old ones. Figures vary from industry to industry but it is estimated that finding new customers costs nine times as much as keeping existing customers.

The moral to this story is for you to have a good, honest look at your business and ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do you offer good service and value for money?
  • Do you stay in touch with your customers after they have made a purchase?
  • Do your customers keep coming back or do you see them once and never again?
  • Do you reward customers for being loyal to your business?

Complacency can be a big problem, especially for busi­nesses that have been established for more than a few years. All industries are highly competitive and more than ever we all need to be smarter. One of the smartest business strategies is to look after your existing customers. Nurture them, encourage them to spend more with your business, continually ask them for ways to improve your current level of service and range of products. Stay in touch with your customers, reward them for being loyal and they will stay with you for many years.

Finally, There are hundreds of them. Regulars walk into the coffee shop, grab their mug, take it to the counter and place their order heir preferred style of coffee is computerized and comes up as soon as the customer’s name is entered. Mug holders are offered a variety of regular specials. In other words, they are made to feel very special.


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