How To Making the most of Yellow Pages advertising With Foxi Algo

How To Making the most of Yellow Pages advertising With Foxi Algo


How To Making the most of Yellow Pages advertising With Foxi Algo
How To Making the most of Yellow Pages advertising With Foxi Algo










Yellow Pages advertising is without doubt very effective. Most businesses need to be featured in the Yellow Pages but many resent having to put an advertisement in this publication.

I know a lot of companies that only advertise in the Yellow’s their entire marketing budget. If this is the case you need to be certain that it is going to work. Most advertisements in the Yellow Pages are hastily put together, often difficult to read and sometimes confusing.

  • First, if you are going to go to the effort and expense of putting an advertisement into the Yellow Pages, pay the extra money and get a graphic artist to design the adver­tisement. Make it easy to read and have a good heading. If possible include a photograph of a person (research shows that advertisements with people have a much higher success rate than those without).
  • Your telephone number doesn’t need to be is after all a telephone book so the customer knows that your phone number will be in the advertisement somewhere.
  • Put a wide border around the advertisement, leave plenty of space around your message and perhaps even include a 100 per cent money back guarantee to further encourage the customer to call you.
  • Further to this, I always encourage businesses to take the biggest advertisement they can afford. To monitor the success of your advertisement, why not get a phone con­nected with a number unique to the Yellow Pages advertis­ement so that you will know exactly how many calls you receive each week.
  • The continual debate over whether to go for a color advertisement or not is probably up to you. If you have a good, clean advertisement with plenty of space around the edges you don’t need color. I also believe that the extra cost is better spent on upgrading the size of your advertisement.
  • Quite often I hear people complaining that an adver­tisement didn’t work. The business blames the publication. Nine times out of ten I look at the advertisement and it is a jumbled mass of information that is hard to read, has too much color and too many words.
  • Very few businesses take the time to ask their customers how they heard about their business so they don’t really know if their advertisements are working or not.
  • I often flick through directories like the Yellow Pages and newspapers to see what type of advertisements catch my eye. You can try doing the same thing. If it stands out enough to catch your eye try to determine what made it so effective.

One funny story I heard recently was about an Ameri­can phone book. A takeaway pizza company was offering a free pizza for anyone who brought in another pizza restaurant’s advertisement cut out from the Yellow Pages. The end result is clear—but as you would expect there were a few very unhappy pizza shop owners in the area.

The point I am making is to put a lot of thought into your advertising. Take the time to do a good advertisement, not a rushed, jumbled mess that is guaranteed to have no result. Yellow Pages is relatively expensive but very effective for most businesses.


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