How well do you know your competitors’ businesses In foxi Algo

How well do you know your competitors businesses In foxi Algo


How well do you know your competitors businesses In foxi Algo
How well do you know your competitors businesses In foxi Algo


It’s Important for you to know the competition in business. so i truthfully  it’s very important to make a live plan competitors to built a competition in small business.

So First Ask yourself these question’s what products and services your competitors offer. How can you compete against a business.

as soon as you ask any proprietor about competing businesses there are two general responses. The first is that they begin a scathing dialogue on how incompetent their competitors are, how expensive, how unreliable and so on. The second response is a surprised look reflecting the fact that they know absolutely nothing about their competitors.

A very important rule in running a successful business is to make certain that you and your staff never, ever, knock a competitor. If you are uncertain about the work that they provide say so, but never ridicule them or their products. Learn to sell your business on your qualities, not the opposition’s shortfalls.

To find out information about your competitors is really quite easy:

  • You can call the company directly, read through their advertisements, ask your friends and family if they have used this business and ask them how they found the service that they received.
  • Once you are clear on what they offer you can promote your business around what makes you different and hopefully better, so that potential customers will buy from you.

Many businesses view competitors as the enemy when in reality they can be friends. Smart businesses working together can form a very strong alliance.

For Example;

, imagine two cleaning companies helping each other and working together. Imagine for a second that these two companies decide that if either is too busy to do a job when a customer calls they will recommend the other. If one runs short on cleaning chemicals out of hours the other will help out. They can agree on the boundaries and the clients that each company will target (be very careful when it comes to pricing as it is illegal to fix prices in many countries).

Finally, If you are lucky enough to be able to work with your competition, that is fantastic. If not, at least make a point of knowing and understanding what the competition offers so that you can offer more.


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