Take a short time to make an Advertising by Tickets And Newspapers with Foxy Algo

Take a short time to make an Advertising by Tickets And Newspapers with Foxy Algo


Advertising by Tickets
Advertising by Tickets


Advertising on the back of admission tickets is a good promotion because everyone involved wins. You pay for the tickets to be produced and perhaps make an offer of some sort to encourage customers to visit your business. The business that gives out the tickets hands them to their clients, increasing your chances of them visiting your business.

How To Making a Ticket’s advertisement:

  • The company handing out the tickets doesn’t have to pay for the printing of the tickets and your business gets exposure to hundreds or perhaps potentially thousands of customers.
  • A good idea I saw recently for this was a late-night cafe/restaurant advertising on the back of cinema tickets. To further sweeten the deal the cafe was offering a free cappuccino with every slice of cake purchased. This deal proved too good for me to bypass.
  • Some of the businesses that use admission tickets include car parks, theme parks, buses, trains, ferries and theaters, to mention just a few. Give them a call and see if they would be interested in saving money by letting you advertise on the back of their admission tickets.

Perhaps your business could benefit from advertising on the back of these admission tickets.

How To Making a newspaper advertisement:

Newspaper advertisements can be very effective. Unfortu­nately they can also be expensive, depending on the publication. Like any marketing idea, I suggest you should tailor your newspaper advertising around your budget. The bigger the advertisement, the bigger the results tend to be.

Newspaper advertising is good to promote items that call for immediate action. By this I mean the customer reads the advertisement and they can do something about it today. It might be a sale on at the local shopping center, a new movie, a new car, a house or a restaurant. Newspa­pers bring instant results and because of this you need to tailor your advertisement to make the most of this characteristic.

The following list identifies ways to increase your suc­cess in newspaper advertisements.

  • always have a strong heading to catch the readers’ attention;
  • design unusually sized advertisements;
  • keep words to a minimum;
  • try to leave space in the advertisement;
  • use a border;
  • give the person a reason to call you immediately;
  • only use pictures if they have a lot of contrast—news­paper print is the lowest quality you can get so be careful when using pictures; and
  • make sure you include all the facts—who, what, when, where.

Positioning of your advertisement is also important. Some people swear that your advertisement should be on a right-hand page and preferably an early right-hand page (up the front of the newspaper), which is why you pay more for these spaces. I don’t necessarily agree with this; however, it is a matter of trial and error. The more often




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