Top Tec amazing solution to experiences marketing with short ideas

Top Tec amazing solution to experiences marketing with short ideas


Have you had bad experiences with marketing let's go to ideas
Have you had bad experiences with marketing let’s go to ideas









    I often hear business operators saying that they tried this or they tried that and it didn’t work. They then make amazing statements such as television advertising is a waste of money or newspaper advertising doesn’t work. I try to suggest that there are a lot of factors that make marketing work and you need to have as many of them on your side as possible to get results.

     A friend of mine who runs a prominent tourist attraction ran a Mother’s Day special offer in the newspaper. The advertisement said that all mothers could have free admission on Mother’s Day. The newspaper made a mistake and doubled the size of the advertisement. The result was amazing and the attraction had their busiest day on record.

The following year they ran the same advertisement again at the larger size thinking that it was the size of the advertisement that had produced these amazing results. This time they had a shocking day. Why?

On the previous Mother’s Day it was pouring with rain and this attraction was undercover. The weather on the latest Mother’s Day was sensational so everyone was out­doors. Add to this a huge festival that coincidentally ran on the same day and what was a successful promotion the year before turned into a disaster the year after.

The point that I am trying to make is that there is absolutely no doubt that traditional advertising mediums, like television, radio and newspaper, work. If they didn’t work for some promotion that you did in the past try to identify why. That is the key to the problem. Remove what didn’t work and try it again. Once you get it right don’t change the formula until it stops working.

Another interesting point that I have observed is that people’s expectations of the business they will generate from advertising is often unrealistic. I meet people who think that a $50 advertisement will bring in $50 000. If it did, every business would be successful. The fact is that there are no magic formulas to tell you how much business you should expect when you place an advertisement. If you can cover the cost of the advertisement you are in front— everything else is a bonus.

Successful marketing is a matter of persistence to get the formula right.

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