How To Setting up In meetings 2021

How To Setting up In meetings 2021

How To Setting up In meetings 2021




Now you’re ready to get in touch with the people on your networking list. You may bump into some of these people over the course of your normal weekly activities. However, you may need to be more active by telephoning some of the people you don’t see so regularly. Before calling, remember to:

  1.  Relax - take a deep breath and exhale.

You want people to concentrate on what you are saying rather than having them wonder why you sound nervous!

2. Smile - as people can actually hear the difference in your tone over the telephone.

When you do get through to them, remember that these people are giving you something priceless in order to help you out - their time. So be careful not to abuse their time by trying to endlessly mine them for information or introductions as if they were a phone directory or a library. There has to be some give and take in your conversations with them by making sure that you:

3. Show genuine interest in them - start the conversation by asking what they are up to. Talk about the interests that you both have in common. If appropriate, ask about their family or work. Don’t just go straight to the questions for which you are getting in touch.

4. Phrase your request as a favor. Rather than demanding information or introductions, ask politely for them and remember that these people are helping you out.

5. Offer to help. After you have phrased your request for information or introductions, offer your assistance in any way that you can in reciprocation for their time.

For example: ‘Actually, Steve, there was a reason for my call. At the moment I’m trying to find out whether people might need my services as a carpenter. Do you know anyone who might be interested at all? Or do you know anyone who might be able to help me find people who are interested? If you don’t mind, could I take their number and give them a call?’

Eventually you will either meet or speak to someone who is interested in your services. At this point it would be very easy for you to recite at length all the exciting features of your product or all of the reasons why they should use your services.

However, it may be more appropriate (especially if you are speaking to someone over the telephone) to just give them your short blurb before setting up a more formal, face-to-face meeting. After all, there is a limit to how much trust you can build with a prospective customer over the telephone!

While networking is a proven technique for reaching potential customers, you must be patient! Networking takes time. You may have to call several times to catch them. Or it may not be appropriate to ask someone for introductions the first time you talk to them. It may take days for people to return your calls. And then they may not know anyone who is directly interested in your services. But don’t give up!